Entry #3

Crap ....

2010-10-21 08:50:47 by MKFP-lennychuckles

There is much of old crappy shits everywhere on the internet from .... meeeeeeeeeh, omfg.

I wanted to do more project, had vreced every second day. That was the mos creative times , by me.

hehe there is pretty long awesome crap, is it the second longest animation of mine, bud the oldest, really. I did not know how to mess with the Flash MX ... hehe...

The crazy sonic... Is avaiable here, in the flash submisions. I think It don't deserve to be here.
But the political system here is just fine, but t big brother sees you ! ...freak...

This is the latest and longest piece of furry crap what I ever made up, really , hehe. Furfag...
http://www.sheezyart.com/art/view/2263 424/

a short fuck loop
http://www.sheezyart.com/art/view/2263 424/

The fucking old shit now ~+-


commi propaganda
http://lennychuckles.deviantart.com/ga llery/#/dobn58

a dead fetus of one shit
http://lennychuckles.deviantart.com/ga llery/#/dsv3i2

Fucking chuckles
http://lennychuckles.deviantart.com/ga llery/#/doeqaw

Other crap .... This do not deserve any description either, pretty sucky....ones...

I am proud of
the-third-part-SHOPPING-106854963?q=ga llery%3Ageeyick%2F2533286&qo=6

the-zombie-106890751?q=gallery%3Ageeyi ck%2F2533286&qo=4

That is fucking all, because I havent my comp[ie rite now ... ># have a nice ....dayz


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2011-12-18 14:53:46

Lmao one comment in a year's time.
Well, now two.
Have fun being dead!