yeah , do bad stuff again ?

2010-06-20 14:50:24 by MKFP-lennychuckles

So I have met lot of my haters, but now I am as somebody new ... they actualy did not found me in the sheezyart, as guys saying about killing my family and kicking my dog's ass ...

I did lot of bad art, causialy , because I am not good at fine, polished cool art, and actually , its a spamage...
I had lot of alter egos, I am even not wondering what they does think :D yayay , So ... Also I had poor english skills, my English was like some primitive guy from the jungle or whatever ." hello me chuckles, what is you wieghts ... "

The worst time what I had, that was the chain permaban of my fucking proxy or ip , they found everything , sheezyart is full of upish and overated animators. And the view stealing system is a new article made by admins to make their overated firends even more famous ... I love ya,

Now, its suck, I write same stuff as some weeks ago ... hehe ...
And I am a furfag, omg thats not good .... D: ....

Eat lot of vegetable and a brain-prosperous craps ....

sorry for my noob Anglisssh

yeah , do bad stuff again ?


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2010-06-21 09:06:42

OMG I am a fucking ATHEIST :3 .... yaaaaayy


2010-06-21 09:07:37

Omg I am a fucking noob to comment on my own blog crapppp thing


2010-07-22 01:48:55

and yet this account survives... the admins just can't hold on to a healthy grudge.


2010-07-27 00:59:54

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